10 Todo List with Pressure Washer

We’re big defenders of pressure washers in this house. They’re an excellent piece of equipment to have because they can be used in a multi number of ways– making cleaning and washing in certain things around home easier to do.

We own the Homelite 2700 psi vertical pressure washer. One of the main things that we love about it that we do not have to swap out nozzles to change the patterns of spray.

  1. Fencing: We attempt to pressure wash our vinyl fence every 12 months. It makes a massive distinction.
  2. Outdoors Siding or Brick: As like with the fencing, we strive to pressure wash the outdoors of our residents at the least every different year. The high psi pressure washer has a soap dispenser, so we buy a special house and siding cleaning soap, pour it into the reservoir, rotate the nozzle to the best setting, and the soap result comes out. Then we turn the nozzle & spray the cleaning soap off.
  3. Garage Door: As like the exterior siding or brick of the house, we also use the power washer to wash our garage door. The power washing machine is specifically convenient when the garage door comes under attack from birds.
  4. Outdoor Grill: Grills get dirty and gross. We bath ours every fall, so it’s shiny and ready to use inside the spring.
  5. Knocking Down Spider Webs And Wasp Nests: When we have the power washer out we likewise thump down undesirable spider catching networks and wasp homes. FYI, we shower the wasp homes with wasp splash before we begin splashing the homes with water. You don't need angry wasps flying at your face.
  6. Driveway: It’s relatively sudden how much grime builds up to your driveway during the year. Ours always seems ten times better after it is power pressure washed.
  7. Decks & Patios: Identical with driveways, pressure washing your patios may be a night time and day difference.
  8. Outdoor Furniture: If you are going to wash or clean your patio, you might as nicely pressure wash your patio furniture with low power/psi pressure washer pump.t
  9. Vehicle: Do not use a pressure washing machine to scrub your cat (or another puppy). However, you may use a pressure washing machine to clean or wash your car, motorcycle, or any other vehicle. Just make sure you do not use an exceptional, effective putting, or you may blast the paint off, mainly if there are chips already within the paint.
  10. Garden/Lawn Mower: Like your car, your lawn mower deserves washing each now and then. We also wash our garden mower. This can make a huge difference inside the efficiency of your garden mower because grass and leaves receive caught up under there.
  11. Lawn Equipment: we also use the pressure washer to wash/clean off our different lawn equipment, like our string trimmer, that's used each time brad mows the lawn.
  12. Trash Can: I don’t assume I need to enter element right here, however when you have a garbage can you know how stinky it may get within the summer time months. Whoa, friend. A touch strain washing with cleaning soap and it smells ten times higher.

One element we have found with the aid of proudly owning a stress washer is that friends, own family, and acquaintances might also ask to use it. While we agree, because we’re little humans, we’re commonly presented thanks, items like free dinners, current cards, beer/wine, or different goodies. So in a way, the stress washer tends to pay for itself in the long run.

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